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Joint Ventures

As a Joint Venture partner we offer many different types of Real Estate investing options.  Our core area of investing is adding value to a property either through a renovation or a complete new build to force appreciation then tenant the property for increased rental income.  This increases equity in the property and provides us with the highest possible rental income for the long term. We only invest in the core of Toronto close to transit and approximately 20-30 mins commute time away from the financial district downtown.


    1. Brand New Multiplex Construction
    2. Renovate Duplexes, Triplexes, Fourplexes, Multiplexes, and Apartment Buildings
    3. Invest into Resale Condos and Pre-Construction Condos
    4. Luxury Home Construction
    5. Renovating Homes into Luxury Homes

Interest Income

With many projects on the go we often need private money lenders to help fund land acquisition, development costs, architect drawings and permit, and construction cost. We work hand in hand with all types of private lenders to ensure its a win win situation for everyone involved. We pay between 6-12% annually in interest, depending on the type of project and this can be secured as a first or second mortgage on the property.

  • Multiplex Apartment Building Renovation

    Multiplex Apartment Building Renovation

    We purchased this multiplex by the beaches in 2014, and added two more units in the basement and renovated each…

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