Custom Luxury Home Building

We build new luxury homes in the core of Toronto with the finest building materials and the best designs that meet that specific neighborhood trend. We specialize in the $2-4 million range and are meticulous when it comes to architectural drawings and design. We build traditional, transitional, modern, or a mixture of designs to cater to different market areas and buyers. We have a team of architects, surveyors, designers, contractors, builders, and planners to ensure a seamless transition from land acquisition to drawings to planning to permit to construction.


1. Land Acquisition (1-3 months)
2. Surveyor and Architectural Drawings (1-2 months)
3. Zoning Review/Committee of Adjustments/Permit Process (3-6 months)
4. Build Process (8-12 months)
5. Staging and Sale (1-3 months)